GLOYA by Kriya Nusantara

GLOYA by Kriya Nusantara

Gloya is founded by Kriya Nusantara, a multi-award winning company specializing in producing high-quality crafts, to provide a better shopping experience. Through our retail and online store, we hope people can browse our products and reach us conveniently. Gloya’s retail store is now available to facilitate the need of interaction with the products while the online store simplifies the process of browsing and ordering our crafts. Both stores are established and designed carefully to ensure people can experience the atmosphere of authentic Indonesian arts the moment they step into our store.

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With the establishment of our stores, we are proud to distribute our finest crafts. Our products are the embodiment of our craftsmen and designers’ skills and love who continuously keep innovating new masterpiece while staying true to our vision in making and delivering wonderful crafts for everyday use. Inspired by the diversity and the heritages of Indonesian culture, we incorporate traditional arts and patterns into modern technology, resulting in products that showcase the harmony of tradition and novelty. Each craft that we distribute is handmade as we want to ensure the perfection of our products and to evoke the emotional relationship that our craftsmen share with the craft they make.

We believe Indonesian heritages and cultures are not something that we just inherit. We are also responsible for continuing the legacy of our previous craftsmen to create wonderful crafts that would inspire the future generation to keep making another masterpiece based on Indonesian heritages.

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The year of 2016 marks Kriya Nusantara’s participation in continuing Indonesian craftsmen legacy for 20 years. Over the past two decades, we design and produce crafts that are based on traditional art and culture. We also learn and incorporate the latest available technology and technique into production process to enhance the quality of our crafts. It has been a great 20 years and we are ready to deliver more timeless crafts in the coming years.

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To celebrate this special occasion, we are proud to introduce new crafts line up this year. Our designers and craftsmen have great ideas that they would like to share with you. As we uncover more heritages, we preserve it into contemporary and lasting crafts that would inspire the world. With the establishment of Gloya retail store and Gloya online shop, exploring the heritages of the world is easier than before. Let’s celebrate the beginning of our new journey where wonders await to be found.

Store and Marketing Office:
Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda (Dago) 48 Bandung

More info:
Fb, Twitter, Ig: gloyaindonesia

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