Hope and Healing

Hope and Healing

Parkway Cancer Centre as a medical and consultant facility focuses on cancer patients health and overall well being. Parkway Cancer Centre or PCC have a logo. The letter C shows a picture of two hands holding eachother, symbolizes as a solidarity between cancer patients and PCC, while the sun on top symbolizes warmth and hope. Cancer is often stigmatize as a terminal disease and a life threatening disease, which often make patients feel fear, anger, sadness, depression and anxiety. But this is not always the case, if diagnose quiet early, cancer can be manage.

Canhope 2
Parkway Cancer Center Chemotherapy Facility Clinic at Gleneagles

To overcome patients anxiety of carrying this disease, PCC aim to ease patients fears. Quite often, when patients is diagnose, they tend to be in a denial state of mind. This is where the PCC Doctor and Nurse assist the patient to overcome their fear. Other than providing medical needs, PCC is also giving the patients a holistic approach. Every patients deals with cancer differently, some patients might be fearful of needles, while other might have a fear of losing their hair or some might be fearful of death. In this type of situation. PCC have a support team that are consisted of Allied Health, Guest Relation Executives and Palliative Care. These support team works together to make sure the patients feel comfortable towards the process.

PCC provide medical care and consultation from the support team, not only for cancer patients but also their family member who are directly or indirectly affected by cancer. Having cancer can be daunting and exhauting not only for the patients but it also affect the patients family and friends. Long healing process can affect the cancer patients state of mind. Therefore a profesional help is needed to assist the patients and their family member how to cope with someone who has been diagnose with cancer.

Canhope 3
Nurse Manager, Sister Tay Sok Har

The consultation provided by PCC can range from open communication among family member, providing a healthy diet for cancer patient, art theraphy and a group therapy with other cancer patients. The approach given may be different for each cancer patients and each family. A support system is created to help patients and their family with their physical, emotional and phycological needs. As Mrs Tay Sok Har –as the nurse manager-  stated “at the end of the day, we help to provide assistance and planning ahead of time, in hope to be able to normalize their life”.

– Agnes Riviana, Vice Director Digital Content

For more information and consultation you can contact:
CanHope Bandung
Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel #2-05
Jl. Merdeka no. 2 Bandung 40111
Phone : +62 22 8780 4682
Email : bandung@canhope.org / pccbandung@gmail.com
or visit Parkway Cancer Centre (PCC) Website

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